Supporting the Korean People and the DPRK against US Imperialist Threats and Bullying
We, participants of the People’s Conference on The Continuing Validity of the October Revolution in the 21st Century, held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 23 – 24 September 2017, express our support to the Korean people and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) in their resistance and defense of their country against the threats, bullying, blockades and sanctions of US imperialism.

We condemn the UN resolution imposing sanctions on the DPRK for its supposed violation of the so-called Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. We condemn the big mainstream corporate media for one-sidedly and unjustly portraying the DPRK as a threat to world peace.

We condemn the continuing joint war exercises between the US and its client state in south Korea meant to threaten the DPRK. We condemn the deployment of the THAAD missile system meant to set up a first-strike capability by the US against the DPRK.

The tensions in the Korean peninsula are the result of US imperialist policy of subverting and destabilizing countries that assert national sovereignty and that stand up against imperialist impositions and subversion.

It is US imperialism that is the number one threat to world peace. For many decades, it has carried out wars of aggression in Korea, Indochina, Africa and the Middle East in flagrant violation of international conventions, destroying countries, killing millions of people and turning millions more into refugees. It is actually the only country that has used nuclear bombs against civilians and has been guilty of a war crime of terrible proportions.
The so-called Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is nothing but an attempt to maintain the nuclear monopoly by the big powers and to prevent other countries from developing their nuclear program for self-defense.

We support the right of the Korean people and the DPRK to develop nuclear weapons in order to deter US imperialism from carrying out its arrogant threat to “totally destroy North Korea” and to neutralize the imperialists’ first-strike capability.

We stand for the eventual destruction of all nuclear weapons. But until then every country has the right to develop nuclear weapons to defend themselves from imperialist nuclear blackmail and bullying.

We support the legitimate aspiration of the Korean people for the peaceful reunification of their country. We demand the withdrawal of US troops from south Korea.

We demand that the US cease threats of nuclear annihilation, economic and military blockade, further sanctions and war exercises against the DPRK, and to negotiate a peace treaty with the DPRK in order to end the state of war and tensions in the Korean peninsula.

Adopted by:
October Revolution Centennial Conference Amsterdam, the Netherlands 24 September 2017

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